Hey everyone!  My name is Tanya, the Maker of Candle Creek Farms.  I am so excited that you got this far in my website to learn a little bit about my family and I, and this little business I have created. Eeek, im just so excited!!  My handsome husbands name is Wyatt.  We were high school sweethearts and have now been married for 8 years.  We have 3 adventurous kiddos, Wrigley-7, Wriver-4, and Wren-almost 2.  Our family of 5 is accompanied by 3 sweet dogs, a whole lot of chickens, some ducks, and cats. If you guessed that we are busy then you guessed right! Over the years I have learned that is just who we are, and we are loving life!  My husband is incredibly hardworking.  He works a day job working as a Foreman for our local county secondary road department.  On the evenings and weekends you can find him in his backhoe where he also owns a business, Wirtz Backhoe.  On top of that, he keeps up with all of my crazy farm and home ideas.  I like to say, If everyone was as hard working as him, the world would be a better place.  Currently, I own a hair salon in a little town near where we live.  I have always enjoyed being a Cosmetologist, something about making someone feel better about themselves feels really great to me.  Recently, my family and I moved to our forever farm which we built our home on.  We absolutely love it here, and love the farm!  We are nestled outside of a little town called Mallard in Iowa, population of about 220.  Yes, two hundred and twenty, we love our small communities around here in northern Iowa.  Both my husband and I grew up on farms and we were thrilled to be able to raise our kids with those same values.

I have always had kind of an obsession over candles, and just recently I have realized the enjoyment I get out of making candles!   After plenty of research, I have realized what harmful ingredients were placed in typical store bought candles. I light them so much, I decided I wanted them to burn healthier for my family and I.  Another awesome thing about a candle, to me,  is that it can be a reminiscing memory.  Have you ever walked into a home, business, a park, a field, etc., and thought "wow this smell reminds me of someone or something."  Well, that scent has became a memory.  I think it is extra special when it is a late loved one.  Which also brings me to candles being comforting.  Certain aromas have comfort capabilities, to ease falling asleep, ease to relax, or just plain smell darn good! What better compliment than having a guest walk into your home saying "wow it smells so good in here."  Nothing better! Am I right?  Candle Creek Farms is my first online business (so bare with me) as I have learned a lot and hope to learn so much more in the future! I have many hopes and dreams for this little business of mine and I hope you guys stay along for the ride.  I would love to connect with all of you so please join my email list!  I am excited to get to know you guys and also hope to get some feedback on new, existing, and past products.  Much love to you all!