Custom Products

Candle Creek Farms offers a variety of custom products for your business, special occasion, or next event.  We have two different options to pick from along with low minimums. 

1.  White Label

White Labeling means to choose an existing product of mine and place your logo, event name, or occasion on the label.  This process is simple, you choose your product, send me your labeling choice and ta da!  You have a custom product for your celebration.  Minimums of 6 are required for White Labeling.

2.  Signature

Signature consists of the full customized experience.  You get to decide on a custom scent, vessel choice, wick choice, labeling choice, and special packaging if needed.  The possibilities are endless for each choice.  You can choose one scent/product, or you can choose a collection/line of products for your business or occasion. Minimums of 12 per scent choice/vessel combination. 

The process of creating a Signature product;

1. Inspiration. Give me all of your ideas and details. 
2.  The smell.  I start by sending you 10-15 scent samples, we keep going until we find that perfect scent for you. 
3. Vessel Choice. Based off #1 I will send you 3-5 different vessel choice ideas.  4.  Wick Choice; cotton or wood wick.
5. Labeling.  Together, we will decide what size and personalization will be the best fit for the vessel.  

Are you ready to create a Custom Product for your next big event? Swag bag insert? Business advertising? Special occasion? Or do you have some more questions?  Either way, email me at  

subject:  Custom Product Information